Code 1 BBQ Wilmington

The BBQ is legit. Good to have some local BBQ.


Nice. Always good to hear about barbecue because the real deal is elusive around here.

Thanks for the intel!
DH was at the opera this afternoon, so second son and I headed to Wilmington to check things out.
Brisket platter for him, lean cut, collards and carrots. I snagged the last of the pork ribs with mashed and coleslaw. 2 waters and tip was $72.00.
But we did enjoy it. The ribs were nicely cooked and seasoned., real potatoes, the coleslaw was meh, not a lot of seasoning, Brisket was excellent, as were the carrots. I’m not a collard greens fan, so no opinion there, The sauces were outstanding, we tried all four, which are house made. Bright yellow mustard in the Carolina Gold, a fair amount of vinegar in all of them, which is ok with me.
Very unstable tables, as noted in Peter’s review and just 3 of them. There was a lot of take out, which is probably what I would do going forward. The sandwiches looked very good.