coconut flavor drink!

Hey there! I am looking for a coconut drink but which will really taste like coconut! I have tried a few but none of them was that tasty as I tried once at the bar. Maybe you’ve got a good recipe? Waiting for your answers!!

Are you thinking something from coconut milk (tastes like coconut), “creme of coconut” ( heavily sweetened), or coconut water (subtle and refreshing,at least when fresh)?

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Or something alcoholic? I’ve got good recipes for tropical cocktails that are nice and coconutty, that you could also make without the alcohol if you wanted. La Croix makes a rather amazing tasting coconut seltzer water
that is 0 calories, and makes a decent mixer for rum or vodka, as well.

Don’t know the recipes of cocktails but I like drinks with Aroy D coconut milk. I make coffee with it at home and the taste is smth amazing!

Does a Coquito qualify? A beautifully flavored libation.