Cococane - Little Saigon (Garden Grove)

I detoured while running errands today. I needed baguettes to go with my turkey carcass soup, and nearby is Cococane. A Vietnamese family business specializing in fresh coconut and sugar cane juices.
On a warm summer day, this is a fantastic drink. On a day where I’m looking for a solid base to spike with house spirits, this also works. The juices are pressed fresh daily.
The traditional coconut and sugar cane mix is heavenly. And the fresh chunks of coconut flesh are a joy to snack on as you drink your drink.
Also fantastic is their coconut, sugarcane and pineapple mix. This is the best piña colada I can get. It’s fresh and bright. Not brought down by heavy syrups and concentrates that are usually used to make piña coladas. This one was purchased with less ice so I could spike when I got home.

Day drinking is going to be solid today.


Cococane and Pho Go are a perfect 1-2 punch when I am in Garden Grove.


Hi @attran99,

Great review. I love Cococane! :heart: Thanks to you, @JeetKuneBao and others for the recommendation awhile back.

Also, what?! I never thought about spiking Cococane with alcohol! :laughing: What do you normally add to it? (And is this a popular thing with the locals in Little Saigon?!) :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try the Pineapple version next time. Thanks!


It is popular amongst the alcoholics who bring it home. On a hot day, all I can think of is how great of a cocktail this would make. Your favorite vodka or run should suffice if you don’t want to add an extra flavor of something else.
I had pineapple rum and lime-infused vodka so I did both.
This is akin to having a Dole Pineapple Whip float and wanting to turn it into a cocktail.


I saw this in the other site and I thought it was genius to add booze to this.

Should I repost the whole Little Saigon thread here lol?


Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Yes, if you want. I think your reviews / words are useful information for anyone looking for ideas and places to eat. :slight_smile:


This sounds like my dream cocktail.


That is a brilliant idea. Super cold all the time…do you have to weird very hard to fish out the fruit out of your thermos.
Great pro tip, I actually ordered online from the car when I saw out giant the line was. Grabbed a sandwich and waited for fresh baguettes from the Boulangerie to come out of the oven. It was perfect timing.


Folks in SGV, ever tried this place in Rosemead?

I had them twice…I don’t know how else to say this. Stick to Cococane.

The Son (Luc/Luke) at Cococane knows about these copycats lol

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Ah bummer, hoping for a close alternative to Cococane. I just need someone to crush raw sugarcane on demand :pensive:

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It’s a long shot as I havent been in awhile but I remember getting sugarcane outside of the huge Shun Fat Market in San Gabriel

Yes, me too.

But it ain’t happening nowadays.


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