Coco Choco Bakery... White Plains, NY

Coco Choco Bakery is a relatively new bakery just off Central Avenue in White Plains, NY. I don’t have time to review everything we tried at the moment however I don’t want to wait to recommend the pineapple upside down cake…nontraditional as it might be, If I was going somewhere for Thanksgiving I would definitely bring this dessert…Maybe a tad too sweet for my personal tastes but moist…dense in a good way and delicious just the same. It took a couple of days to consume the one slice and it just got better with each passing day.

1 Harding Ave
White Plains, NY 10606
Phone: 914-358-4067

Well in spite of no feedback I am posting that this bakery will be open Thanksgiving from 6 am until 7 pm should anyone need something last minute. Coco Choco is a Peruvian bakery however they cover a lot more than just Peruvian baked goods. They make a couple of gluten free cakes…nothing in the bakery is fried everything is baked…and everything is very easy on the wallet

Pictured …individual brioche…empanada’s beef and chicken, spinach and cheese croissant

Thanks for the heads up, chowdom!

You’re welcome Vvvindaloo, the bakery is Peruvian however they cover more than just Peruvian items including a couple of gluten free cakes … Nothing is fried everything is baked…the brioche pictured was light and airy and buttery more like what it looks like a cross between a popover and brioche. The staff I have dealt with are warm, helpful, patient and bi lingual. Not everything is great but most of what I photographed is worth trying…

This sounds great. I can’t wait to check it out.

Please report back if you try them and find anything you like.
I stopped posting because there has been no response and I didn’t want
to become annoying.
They now have humitas and make empanadas on Sunday, I have not tried
either because I haven’t been there on a Sunday.

I pretty much stick to the Peruvian breads and rolls these days
however I had a pecan tart with a filling that was more dulce de leche
than traditional filling … it was sweet but really good…

chowdom, are they closed already?

Definitely not…they are busier than ever according to my sister
who stops in there weekly when she brings her son to the music conservatory
which is around the corner.
They have extended their hours 6am-9pm
I don’t know if they have a website yet…you can find them on FB

Thanks, chowdom. I put in the address and a picture came up of a hair salon.

Some of those empanadas look really yummy.

The entrance is around the corner from the beauty salon. They have really good pineapple upside down cake and orange upside down cake sold by the piece.

There may be a salon in the building as well…but the
bakery is where you see the brown awnings.

They had empanadas during the week whenI was there.

They always have empanadas

Ah, I see it now. They are next to Audio Visions and diagonally across from Varvaro’s.

Sorry my mistake when posting up thread…
Meant to write “they now have humitas on Sunday”
not humitas and empanadas…empanadas are available