Cocktails in the Garden State?

How is there no cocktail thread for New Jersey? You people eat steaks to the point where my arteries harden just reading that thread but none of ya drink? Come on, now!

Here’s a Sidecar from one of my favorite bars, inside the historic National Hotel in Frenchtown. Their main bartender, Mike, is world-famous for his creation of the Canoli Martini. I was there a few weeks ago and he wasn’t there, but the waitress/bartender did a damn good job in his place. They brought our drinks over with the shakers, and there was a little more inside of that. So it was basically a drink and a half.

Remy Martin Cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice.


Not New Jersey here, but right across the river in New Hope, Pennsylvania-- the sister town of Lambertville, NJ. From the Logan Inn. An excellent and lethal drink called the Martinez: Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, sweet Vermouth, and orange bitters.



I’m a big fan of the cocktails at Reyla, and I think you’d appreciate it, @gcaggiano ! The guy in charge (Jamie Dodge) has come up with some really interesting combinations, although I must admit that I continually go back to their signature Hey Reyla, which is aquavit-based with lemon and mint and is tart and refreshing and sunshine in a glass, imo! Jamie is also behind the cocktails at Barrio Costero.

Also in Asbury Park is the AP Distillery, which I still haven’t been to; it’s a tiny spot and the few times I’ve tried there has been a crowd + a wait, but their posts on IG have certainly tempted me…looks like some creative options there!


Ha, the National Hotel holds a special place in my heart. I grew up 5 minutes from there and worked there for about a month in college. I quit or was possibly fired depending on who is telling the story! My husband and I went there for dinner and drinks for an anniversary and stumbled home! Onto the topic at hand - my favorite cocktails lately have been at barrio costero in AP. A few places that have fallen short in my book in our recent trips: The Black Fig - I find their drink menu boring and have yet to find something I actually like. Nicholas - they have a martini menu which doesn’t do anything for me and 3 rotating specialty drinks. I usually stick to wine. I liked the drinks at B2 the last time we went in Red Bank, but the food/ attitude of that place annoyed me so much we haven’t been back since. I’ll have to think of any others that I have really liked.

+1 for B2 Bistro. They make a mean Mai Tai with homemade orgeat syrup. I haven’t been to the Watermark in AP in a long time but I recall that they took cocktails pretty seriously.

Ooh yes. +1 to watermark. We only go in the summer but yes, they have great drinks.

Sadly I don’t really like to “drink”, I just really enjoy being drunk. So it’s straight vodka for me. Not something to be proud of but at least I’m honest !!


Brutha from nuthuh muthuh!!

Have been a shot n’ beer guy since before I was legal drinking age. In the old days, order a shot, beer backs were gratis.

At SFO now with a neat scotch, Bud back.

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I’m a fan of Pascale & Sabine, specifically the Bees Knees, the Gin and Jam at Talulahs.
Jaime does good stuff at Reyla and Barrio and it doesn’t hurt that he is my tenant.



San Fran International. Cheap red wine next 14 hours. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ahhhhhh safe travels !!

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Oh yes–friends who are gin drinkers (BACK OFF, PEOPLE–I don’t like perfume) absolutely rave about the Gin and Jam at Talula’s!

Not exactly cocktails here, but just some pricing notes for the whiskey drinkers out there.

The Globe in Red Bank gets $6 for a neat pour of Jameson and Jameson Caskmates. Not bad at all.


Then there is JJ Bittings in Woodbridge which charged $9 for this Maker’s Mark, but the glass was so large (can’t really tell in the picture) that this was essentially a double, therefore totally worth it.