Cocktail Bar/Speakeasy [Flatiron] [Gramercy Park]

I have a 7:30 Monday dinner reservation for 6 people at Boucherie-Union Square for 6 people. Is there a good nearby speakeasy-type cocktail bar that can accommodate 6 people for after dinner drinks? Wouldn’t necessarily need to be a speakeasy and could be an upscale bar with comfortable seats and great cocktails. I know 6 people is kind of large for those places.

Raines Law Room or Dear Irving Gramercy can probably handle you, but give them a call to see if you can make a reservation.

Raines Law Room (Fantastic cocktails)
48 W. 17th St. (between sixth and fifth avenues)

Dear Irving Gramercy (Fantastic cocktails)
55 Irving Pl. (between 17th and 18th streets)

Library of Distilled Spirits
80 13th St. (between Broadway and Fourth Ave.)

Thank you for the advice!

18th room takes reservations for bigger groups. We had 7 people

Raines and Dear Irving had no availability. Instead, we went to the Flatiron Room and had a private curtained booth. Drinks were excellent and the music was superb. Highly recommend!