Coca Cola with Coffee?????

Seeing commercials for Coca Cola with Coffee during March Madness. I have to drink only decaf coffee so this is probably a non-starter for me, but I’m really curious as to whether this mix has an origin I’m unaware of. Is it just a way to add a caffeine boost to Coke, or is there a story here?

We’ll this is new. I’ve heard of coke with milk, coke with vanilla ice cream, and coke with red wine. Coffee - this is a first.

It’s been out for a while, though it’s a little tricky to find–some places stock it with the sodas, others with the other canned coffee drinks. I wasn’t impressed.

I’ve heard of coffee and coke would not drink it though.
My son likes diluting coffee with soda water.
He has been doing it since before we knew it was a thing - Espressoda is what its called on the internet.

There’s a carbonated coffee soda called Manhattan Special, too. I tried it about 10 years ago.

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I tried it on a whim. It’s not good…like the time you poured cocknin your coffee cup and then realized you forgot to dump that last swallow of coffee and now you have this weird tasting blend in your cup.

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Coke and coffee? That Escobar was quite the marketer.

I drink Coke with a shot of fresh oj. That’s about as wild and crazy as I get.

Now, that’s good. Manhattan Special, it’s basically espresso soda, and it’s been around since the 1890s. There were a couple of Sicilian restaurants in Brooklyn that had it as a fountain drink.


Gods above.

Poured COKE in your coffee cup.

Damned autocorrect.

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The blessings of modern technology. Thanks for posting the link an interesting read.

As mentioned by @StephanieL since 1890’s who knew?
I thought that it was an interesting combination when my son tried it.
He’s been egging me on to try it but its not my cup of tea. Glad that he enjoys it though.

Wow, despite growing up in a suburb of NYC in the 60’s never heard of “Manhattan Special”. Like to try it but $41 for a 12 pack shipped is way beyond a possible “take one for the team” price point.

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I don’t think you see it much outside NYC. I barely saw it in NYC.

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It’s quite good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, though I admit that I love the stuff!

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Shoprites in Westchester county have it in the soda aisle. I’ve also seen it at several pizzerias in the Bronx.

Outside of NYC/suburbs, it’s probably not common.

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Which I’m sad about, because living in California means I don’t have the access I was used to.

The Manhattan Special website has a contact feature, and they can tell you the closest place to purchase. Maybe there is a shop near you that caters to former NYers, like an Italian deli? Worth it to ask.

The only places I’ve found it here are at BevMo! (here and there) and one store in Oakland that mostly sells chocolates.

Hong Kong style cafes in the former British Crown Colony has been serving this concoction for decades!!
Another favourite, which they call it ’ Yin-Yan ’ involves mixing English Tea with Coffee!


The now closed Paramount Coffee Project in LA used to serve a Cola-spiced cold brew that I thought was absolutely fantastic, so I’m here for this combo.

Personally the Manhattan sodas didn’t work for me when I had them a few years back, ashy/harsh roasted coffee flavor with what felt like a ton of sugar.

Dirty Chai mixes masala chai with espresso.

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