CNY Dinner at O Mandarin [Hicksville, NY]

I should post this in NY/CT but it’s just too good to be there. Plus that board seems dead.

I took some research to decide what place to take in Chinese New Year dinner and after one try at O Mandarin’s Hicksville location, I decided to do it there and it was a smash hit, maybe the best one I’ve had in or around the city. Here’s the menu. I got a party of 10 to go in with me.

Basically it ended up as Set B not C for us. We were stuffed and had to take home lots of leftover. Set C is only two more premium seafood dishes and the soup is considerably upgraded, but quite a bit more. I’m glad we did Set B. It’s 20 courses after all. Everything was executed beautifully, the spinach and clam app seemed a bit strong with the dry mustard seasoning, but was fine and novel to me. Peking Duck was as good as the original Hartsdale Westchester location. It’s hard to believe they just got the Peking Duck going last weekend and the restaurant is barely a month old.

Peter Liu (owner) and Eric Gao (chef) live up to his James Beard NY State semifinalist 2020 and the Michelin Guide mention. They are young, brash, and see themselves as the new wave. I like everything about it, including the over the top decor, it’s actually not unlike fancier places in major cities in China.

Check out my IG pics and let me know if you’ve seen CNY offerings like this before or other ones I should check out! Happy New Year!


We went to the O Mandarin in Hartsdale for CNY in 2019. Even though we requested the special menu two weeks before, we were never given the banquet option. The special dishes they offered were as solid as their usual menu so we weren’t disappointed. Glad you and your crew enjoyed it!

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Interesting, I think they opened in 2017 in Hartsdale. Perhaps they didn’t prep up the banquet menu quite as much as they do now. Obviously, they printed it up this year, not sure about prior years. (But it was not on their websites, which would have been handy.) Yea, thanks, it was great!

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