[CNBC] How TV Dinners Changed The Way America Cooked, Forever

What a snooze-fest… couldn’t get thru the first few minutes.

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I knew about Birdseye and flash freezing.

I remember those first Swanson TV dinners in the aluminum trays. As a kid, I thought they were a special, exotic treat (even though my Mom’s stuff was better). The turkey was good; the fried chicken was weird.

I found the Blue Apron guy … disturbing.

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I am reminded of a ‘Shake-N-Bake’ commercial… " and I made it myself!" Is that product still out there?

its just a blue apron ad

Evidently it is. I remember being served shake and bake pork chops when I wa invited to dinner by newlyweds a long time ago. I survived …

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I remember an episode of Sanford and Son, where Fred says, “Most people just shake and bake. I buy and fry.”