Cloud Bread?

Stumbled across this recipe when looking for ideas for tempeh; curious if anyone has tried it?

As a bread (carb) eating person - that sounds aweful to me. I don’t even get the recipe really - egg,sugar, cream cheese …

I’d be curious if anyone as made it too. Happy to be wrong but …

I haven’t made that particular recipe, because it contains sugar, but these types of low-carb bread substitute recipes have been around for ages. I’ve tried several - they’re always some combo of eggs and cream cheese. Anyway, they taste fine, though not at all like bread.

From the recipe it seems like just a cooked whipped omlette (soufflé). Is that the texture/taste essentially?

Yes. The cream cheese makes it taste somewhat less eggy than a straight omelet, but it definitely still tastes like eggs, not bread.

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