Closing due to COVID final straw: Dan Gordon [ Palo Alto SFBA ]

Reasonable article about Dan Gordon’s take on the situation.


“But I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure my restaurant friends and colleagues don’t suffer. And they’re all scared beyond belief because there is no bailout scenario that currently works.”

He’s pretty hard on the city council of Palo Alto here.

I have to believe that the city is as shell-shocked as thousands of other communities here in the U.S. All of us have been betrayed by the ineptitude of actions by the White House and Congress. And, obviously, it will get worse before it gets better.

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I also get the point the Dan was close to the ground, union local and old pro would continue.


I don’t disagree with his assessment. Palo Alto has always been a very high cost place to do any business in, because of a maze of city regulations that raise the costs in the first place. I have always been under the impression that the city operates that way because of their impression that people or their customers can afford it in Palo Alto.

With the general economy crashing, even with the tech economy still holding up, at least for the immediate term, I think sooner or later Palo Alto City Council has to loosen some regulations. But I don’t believe they will proactively do that unless they see half the downtown storefront shuttered.