[Clitheroe, Lancashire] Cafe 1847

I wouldn’t usually write a review about something as mundane as the caff at a supermarket. And we only had lunch here because we’d parked in Booths car park. We had no great expectations, of course, But it was interesting the café menu relies on the produce on the supermarket shelves and everything is freshly made. It’s something of a rebrand for Booths and this is only one of two branches which has the new café style.

We both went with the ploughman’s. Not your average ploughman’s with just a wodge of cheese. Oh, no. This had two different cheeses, both Lancashires. And slices of ham and a pork pie. There’s sourdough bread and butter. A pickle – maybe an “own brand” version of Branston. And for the “five a day” contribution – cherry tomatoes and Little Gem lettuce leaves. And cornichons, as well as the usual pickled onions – cos this is Booths and they like to be a bit different. It’s an immense plate of plate that there was no chance of either of us finishing. Really good.


Was in that very same branch of Booths on Saturday, after a very soggy walk.
At about 5.30 ( prime Booths markdown time ) one of the staff came out with a box full of fruit and veg and said " Does anyone want this for two pounds’ ?
That’ll be me.
The box contained - four apples (mixed ), 10 small bananas ( quite ripe so all ideas welcome re what to do with them !), two avocados, four or five carrots, some strawberries, some grapes, a mango and two oranges. The strawbs alone would have cost two quid. The woman said they do it regularly with fruit which isn’t A grade.
I wish i had a Booths closer to home :slight_smile:

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They’ve closed our nearest one (Hale Barns). Surprised at that - it’s a wealthy area so you’d have thought it was just up their street. I’d have to schlep to Knutsford for the new nearest - so only worth visiting if passing.

As for the bananas, if you havent got an immediate use, then peel and freeze. You lose the texture but herself defrosts them and then makes banana bread or muffins.

I’m partial to banana pancakes - makes a decent brekkie with a dollop of yoghurt. Bung a couple of defrosted ones into a food processor, along with 2 eggs, 100g self raising flour and a teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch or two of cinnamon. Blitz till smoothish, then fry spoonfuls.


If you’ve not taken my earlier advice, so still have them unfrozen. Peel a couple or so. Fry in butter on one side until lightly brown. Flip over and add sugar and a big squeeze of lemon juice. You need the sugar to dissolve a bit and the bananas to be cooked but still retain some texture. You could also splash some booze in there and flambe. Good midweek pud. It’ll need cream or ice cream.

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Some frozen and some earmarked for some ‘healthy’ flapjack and ice cream action !
Thanks as ever for your sage advice :slight_smile:

Recipe please. Or, at least, an idea how to work banana into a flapjack.

Probably neither flapjacks nor, in truth, feelgood :slight_smile:

Cheers, mate. I’ll pass it on to herself (who is the usual baker in this house)