Clio closing 12/31, Uni taking over entire space (Boston, Back Bay)

I read that Clio is closing after service on New Years Eve. Though I haven’t dined there in some time it will be missed. It is one of the nicer rooms in the city, the type of which are dwindling quickly. I enjoyed many celebratory and work team dinners there over the years.

Eater reports: “The restaurant will be renovated, and it won’t be long before it reopens as “an expanded Uni concept” in early 2016”. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this, and what “The expanded Uni that will result from Clio’s closure “will reflect Japan’s modern-day food philosophy,” according to the release.” means.

I have found Uni to be very inconsistent in quality and value over the years, generally not living up to it’s reputation (or price tag). There have been high points, such as the breif time Chris Chung manned the sushi bar. However, more hits than misses overall. I wonder how involved Oringer will be in this transition, as he has other projects underway.

it’s still his restaurant. i suspect, that like many other chefs, he got tired of the pressures of fine dining. i think this is a great move.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr