[Clifton, VA] Trummers

My husband and I would trek out to Clifton on Sunday nights for their $5 pours. They would take open bottles from the week and offer pours at $5 to finish out their wines. It’s been a few years since that was a thing. But Trummers still has a special place in my heart. So, anytime I am in the area- we are stationed at Embassy Kuwait until August or so- I pop in for a meal. Depending on what they have going on, I try to make it to one of their special times. They used to do fried chicken night and deliver the chicken in a bucket. And so on.

This time I decided to go for brunch. They are only open one day a week for lunchtime/brunchtime. It’s on a Saturday. So, I go and order rice and salmon croquettes with kimchi mayo, gochujang, and scallions for my apps while drinking a bloody mary. For my main I ordered the shrimp and grits. Now, I thought the croquettes were good. The bloody mary was just okay. But the shrimp and grits were the BOMB! And I am a shrimp and grits snob. These were well-seasoned, the grits were creamy, and the addition of the charred greens was a perfect touch. I normally only like my shrimp and grits so I was pleasantly surprised by just how good these were.

This is a perfectly serviceable bloody mary, but I think it lacks in salt. IF they had rimmed it with a spicy salt, it would’ve been pretty good.

The kimchi mayo was the star of this dish. Again, I though the croquettes themselves were tasty but lacked in salt.

This dish was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

As a bonus, a wedding and a baby shower was going on while I had lunch/brunch at the bar. Super exciting. I joked that weddings lead to baby showers. The other patrons said that happens only sometimes. We all laughed.


I ate at Trummers a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back soon!

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Like most places, I think some things are better than others. The one thing I notice is the lack of salt in many dishes, though. The flavors are good, however. So just ask for the salt and pepper. :wink:

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