Cleburne Cafeteria (Hou)

Burned last night. I wonder if they will re-build.

Well that sucks.

I don’t think I’ve ever been there, but it’s been on my To Do List for a while. I’m ashamed to say that I passed by it last week and thought about stopping but didn’t. The latest video shows it’s pretty bad. Thanks for the heads-up.

Does anyone have an update about Cleburne reopening?

Here’s an ARTICLE from November that was anticipating a March '17 date.

Drove by one day last week. The site is fenced in, fence covered in tarps/plastic so you can’t see much. I was in traffic so couldn’t get a good look but did not look to be anything rising up above the top of the fence. I’d guess the March date is very optimistic. The permitting alone could take months.

I have been in the past but don’t miss it. For my cafeteria fix, I go to Harry’s on Tuam. Fewer choices but better food and not such ridiculously over-sized portions. Also, much shorter serving line.


As noted upthread, I’ve never been but wanted to go. I’m glad I’ll get the chance to redeem myself. Even so, I’m sure it won’t be the same.

I wrote of my one and only experience on Chowhound one year. It was a total waste of time and money, what I chose was completely inedible.

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Lambsy, tell us what you really think. I don’t know if any of you people, (channeling H. Ross Perot), read any of the “Fearless Critic Houston” volumes but they destroy Cleburne for overcooked unimaginative food and perfectly formed rectangular fish.

Hey, that one hurts. I love rectangular fish a la Luby’s and it was a perfect example the 2 or 3 times I went. I think it was the only thing I ever ate there.

I didn’t realize Fearless Critic was still around. I haven’t seen it since the first issue, which I never bought, but I thought I remembered they raved about Cleburne :smirk:

ETA: Yeah, the square baked fish at Luby’s was about the only thing I ever got, and would get it again but the Pappas brothers screwed up Luby’s IMO and I won’t give them any money.

First edition 2008 and I have two that followed it. They hated it with a D - and I can rattle off a few quotes manana when I can see better it being a little dim now.

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Under the “No Way!” Category comes this:

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I saw the headline in the Chron and didn’t even bother to open the link. But hey, I’ve got to clear out some space in my freezer :laughing::laughing:.

FWIW - drove by about a week ago, superstructure up above the fencing now. Looks like there’s going to be a second floor. I don’t think there was one before. Maybe just for offices.

Now, if they would also sell the tartar sauce as well, but I will give it a try for sure before it gets too hot. Thanks for the heads up.

I bought some Gorton’s Pollock fillets a while back and they bear no resemblance to the ones on the bag. I didn’t expect much but I guess I’ll fire off an e mail since they want feedback on their product.

Frozen breaded fish usually = pathetic. At least for me. I think I’ll just let you take one for the team (heh, heh, heh, heh, heh).

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