Clarkson's Farm

I am a huge fan of Jeremy Clarkson. Just loved Top Gear and then Grand Tour. He has a new pseudo documentary on Amazon Prime. Jeremy owns a 1000 acre farms in the Cotswolds. The premise of the show is that the farmer who has been farming the land is retiring and Jeremy takes over. If you know anything about him, he comes in with his usual opinions and bombast. Over 8 shows, we see him evolve and learn what it is like to be a farmer and what it is like to grow crops and raise chickens and sheep and try to sell the food through uncontrollable events like weather, government regs and a pandemic. Show just started streaming this past week. Really enjoyed it. I would love to see another season or as the English say, another series.


Thanks for the pointer. My husband will probably enjoy this show and it might even be fun for me if nature and critters get the better of Clarkson.

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