Clam Box, Ipswich MA

Took a ride out to the Clam Box Saturday, arriving a little after 3:00 and the oil swap they do at 2-2:30.
The line was not too bad, I was seated with food by 3:30

Clams and scallops with onion rings. Small bellies (cause thats my preference) but they did have big bellies listed, with, I think, a $2.00 up charge

Cooked perfectly, I concentrated on the clams because the scallops would reheat better. Really sweet. The batter is not heavy, it lets you taste the seafood.

By the time I packed up the leftovers and finished the last of my ginger ale, the place was hopping.

I’ll have a scallop roll for lunch with a little lettuce and spicy remoulade.

Has anyone had the lobster roll at the Clam Box? I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone order it. Curious if its worth it.


It’s been a while but everything I ever had at the Clambox was outstanding–and I do recall a friend getting the lobster roll, with no complaints whatsoever.

A person I work with said she thought they had paid 32usd for a large box of clams this weekend after waiting an hour in line in the sun! Can that be right?

Im sorry, I have never had clams this good.

They must be charging 60 at Dairy Joy.

For Clams.

Shold the need arise I will just suck it up and make them at home.

Thats possible, although that’s a pretty substantial pile of clams.

My plate was $28,.00 I think (a little under $30.00)

Worth it for me, because finding, prepping, cooking and cleaning the clams, scallops and onions would take me for ever, and I seldom fry so its not a meal I would want to take a chance with…and I got 2 meals out of it.
And I really wanted good fried clams.
I could of gotten the same plate closer to home, for $25.00 or so.
But I was in the mood for a ride.

As for standing in line…its a chance you take, I had less than 30 minutes to wait, chatted with some nice people and enjoyed the breeze.



Apparently I had one… I just don’t remember it
So that means most likely it was only okay

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But do you remember the clams?

The clams were delicious and a rare treat … they are nearly
impossible to find where I live.
Can you, determine if they are large or small belly from my photos?

I don’t think those a big belly clams, but I’m not positive.

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the Clam Box is a great place. Totally worth that price, imo.

I would rather have needles stuck in my eye.

Really? Over clams?

oh, geez. don’t get him started or we’ll have to hear his anti-seafood rant, take 457.

So why even respond? Its just boogles the mind that some people have to interject their negativity. I see enough of that on TV and in the papers.
Engage in things that you support, don’t rain on my parade.


if clams are so horrible for you, avoid them.

Nah, Ive quit ranting about that (mostly). And have been even known to cook fish!

But, it still astonishes me that people will wait an hour, in 90+ degree sun, to pay 30 dollars for …well…almost anything.

But there you go.

except for those of us who really, truly like excellent fried clams, it’s not “almost nothing” at all. It’s a very big something we want.

I don’t like sushi or hamburgers or steaks or most beef of any kind, and I don’t eat any organ meat, but there are many, many who love these foods and are willing to pay the cost and pursue them in varying circumstances.

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Spent half the day at Salisbury Reservation with the rest of the world and then we headed south on Rte 1/1A to the Clam Box. I know it generates a lot of extreme opinions but DH and I split a delicious half clam half scallop plate with onion rings and coleslaw, 2 ice teas for about $45.00. Perfectly cooked, not heavy batter and we sat at a picnic table under the canopy.
We arrived a little before 2:00 to a short line. Did not get caught in the dreaded change of oil time. It was a great end to a beautiful 4th of July.