City or Gold free tickets and Q&A with J. Gold

CUESA’s Facebook page has a contest for free tickets to a Q&A with LA food critic Jonathan Gold, and two tickets to see the film about him, City of Gold. All you have to do to enter is mention an under the radar restaurant at the following link. Pretty easy for us, eh?

I caught the documentary in the spring, and it got me excited enough about LA’s food scene to plan a trip.

LA has a great food scene. Once you get over the “it’s LA” problems, there’s a lot of population and a lot of money floating around down there. I’d even venture to say that LA is more “real” than SF has become over the last 10 years. People - actual people, like chefs and dishwashers - can even afford to live there.

LOL Souperman’s Facebook comment about JGold’s prior no show.

LA is a lot bigger in land area though. Though they have less tech frothiness driving up the prices.

SF has always been a boomtown mentality, which suits me during a bust. Plenty of room to play in the ruins. Not so pleasant during a boom.