Cisco Brewing, New Bedford

Cisco Brewing in New Bedford on Saturday. SIL had a lobster roll, and a sampler of beers. Not sure what DD2 had. I’ve been craving lobster recently, and this roll looks delicious to me. Coincidentally, I saw a picture of a lobster roll wedding cake shortly after getting this picture. That’s the kind of wedding I’d be up for!


Like this?


Yes, that’s the exact one I saw! When I went back to link it I couldn’t find it. Thanks for posting.

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Cool! I didn’t know that they had opened a New Bedford outpost. Thanks for passing this along - sounds like your SIL and DD are eating well out on the east coast.


We tried to go yesterday (Sunday). We were quoted a 50-minute wait for a table for 3, which was not going to work for us. It was gorgeous out and the New Bedford Folk Festival was going on, so not surprising. I had never been to that stretch of the coast, tucked among the industrial businesses. What a spot!