Cinquo de Mayo Monmouth county suggestions?

Yeah its a Basic Gringo cliche thing to do…but why not?

What area?

anywhere in monmouth…Love Linos, NOTB
looking for same authenticity and flavor with maybe just a little upgrade in atmosphere, nothing too fancy

They will all be railed at night. Last year I went to IMG and they told us at least 2 hours. I left.

IMG is packed on a regular night and today is 5th of may and a saturday so cross that one off the list lol.

My friend is from mexico and she doesn’t even eat Mexican food in freehold where she lives. She loves IMG. That’s her favorite. We go to notb and linos too.

I vote linos. That should be the best spot to get a table and I like their food.

AL pastor or chorizo tacos are my dishes there, along with the half bird

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Oh well been to Linos last 2 weekends …looks like I’m going for the Hat trick

If you want americanized tacos I actually liked the ones at tst bbq. 3 for ten. I tried them the other day. I tried brisket, ground beef and chili. I thought that the chili was the best one. You can mix and match the meats on the 3 tacos.

They are served with shredded cheese, sour cream, lettuce, onion, cilantro. They have a good cheese sauce too which I’ve had on some of their sandwiches. Next time Im going to get the chili with the cheese sauce and I think that will be a good combo. Just an idea. They have picnic tables outside so it looks like it could be a good day to get in some fresh air.

If your Spanish is good, call and order a half kilo of al pastor from IMG and pick it up and eat at home. @corvette_johnny is right that there is no way you can eat there, but to go may work.


So, where’d you end up going?

…then you would know it’s Cinco de Mayo :wink:

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If his auto correct is as shitty as mine, then he probably didn’t make an error and the damn phone changes this up. Hell in these two sentences alone mine offered “shirty,” “shifty,” and “he’ll” and is instead of in.

Maybe more lol

If “cinquo” were actually a word in any language, I might accept that excuse :smiley:

You should see my phone. It is like it has a virus. I just spelled “my” and it put MI. When I put “spelled” it put “a peeled” and just now as I wrote spelled, again it wrote speeled. So yeah, it’s possible that his phone is worse than mine and makes up crazier stuff. I have to get a new phone or risk going factory default settings and losing a lot of stuff. :confused:

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I hope the guy who invented autocorrect burns in hello!


I heard @NotJrvedivici had a Seis de Mayo celebration!

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I told you that’s because I have 6 toes on my left foot so I always get confused between the 5th and 6th. Yes, I had stinko-de-leftovers yesterday after my disappointing luncheon of wings. (see the Chicken Kitchen thread for more info)

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Linos… for 3rd straight weekend in a row…LOL… We were there real early.
Sat quickly , service a little slow they seemed to be swamped by catering orders! By time we left there was wait to be seated. Food always solid!

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Carne Asada, Grillt Chili Lime Shrimp, Goat cheese enchiladas, pico de gallo, guacamole, salad & diverse accompaniments.


What, no burritos?



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Are those some RB provisions? I need to try out some juanitos meat. That is a cool place.