Churrascos meal kits - Houston

I’ve been a fan of Churrasco’s since they opened the first restaurant in the 1980s and I have a nostalgic love for the food. Over the years it has had its good moments and not so good but it’s a place I always to back to for special occasions and just lunch.

I was happy to see this new take home steak kit, which I assume is all uncooked. Filets for 4 and sides for $50 is very reasonable too. I think I’ll be ordering one of these kits.

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I forgot all about this but I see I liked it so I must have seen it before! Have you tried one yet?

No, but there’s a FB page called Epicurean History of Houston that I follow and the admin posted a turkey dinner ad from there yesterday and I noticed the steak kit again on their page. Still intend to do that. Sounds perfect for one of those restaurant nightmare days like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and around here, any Thurs-Sat night.

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