Chuckanut Brewpub, Bellinghame

I stopped here at Chuckanut’s brewpub on Bellingham’a historic industrial waterfront last weekend. I’ve been a fan of their Kolsch beer for awhile, and was pleased to see that they have their own kitchen. This is unlike many of the new B’ham craft brewers, who seem to feature food trucks.

The pub space is small and inviting, built out with class, yet not overdone or too clever.

The food we had–a pizza–was excellent, probably the best pizza I’ve had in Bellingham. The menu is well thought out (unlike places like Boundary Bay), surprisingly varied, and bespeaks that food isn’t just an afterthought.

And perhaps the BEST news is that the beers are all excellent and balanced. Chuckanut does not worship IPAs like many others do, so they tend to favor balance over hoppiness for hoppiness’ sake. I had a lager that was top notch.

Service was also excellent.

Chuckanut will be my default stop in Bellingham for beer and casual dining.

I’ve never had the pizza at Chuckanut Brewery. Have you ever had the pizza at Fiamma? Curious your thoughts as to how they compare…

So do you live up that way?

Once again, we’re running out of time :frowning: Between work in the apt and family, we’ve not had a single free day. May perhaps.

Hi, Sasha:

No, sorry, never tried Fiamma. But I will on your rec.


Hi, Cath:

Well, sort of. I have a beach house up that way.


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Yeah, I’m curious because that is sort of the gold standard for pizza here. So if the brewery is better, I want to know!

It’s worth going to Chuckanut for their other food–and their excellent beer–anyway. Why don’t you compare the pizzas?

I will, next time we go. We don’t go often. I’m not a beer drinker. I’ve had some of their other food and thought it was ok. Nothing special. Some steamers in beer ring a bell. Several years ago.