Chuck Williams - Founder of Williams-Sonoma - RIP - 100

From the Associated Press

Rest in peace.

I am really sick in the head, because I’m thinking of comical write ups for what he should take with him to eternity, starting with a peppermint pig.


Wow. That is indeed a new. I am happy for him actually. He did live an impactful and long life – which is more than many of us can say. They launched a list of Chuck Williams 100th birthday product during October (his birth month). For example, there is a Chuck Williams Le Creuset:

Chuck was a really nice guy. I had a convesation with him several years ago talking about the old Sutter Street store and running into Julia one day. A little fyi for all the Florida folks, did you know that he grew up in Jacksonville? Plus we shared a birth month. I have a great memory of my time with him.

That was the store where I shopped back in the 70s.

Me too, remember the lines around the block when they had a sale?

That was a SMALL, narrow, deep store. Unlike the sprawling ones they have now. I have to admit however that they’re just too expensive for me. When they have sales is about the only time I think the prices are right. But I’ll also admit that I have some version of just about anything they stock so I don’t need the ‘name brand’ of everything. But it’s a delight to wander the stores :slight_smile:

Yes it was, sort of like going on a treasure hunt finding things. And shopping there for me is shopping the sales. BTW, the pumpkin butter is now half off. I’m getting some to put away for next year.

I have worked at two stores, The Galleria in Ft Lauderdale and The Falls in South Miami. ANd I have done Saturday tastings for my local store at Utica Square here in Tulsa.