Christmas in Manhattan or Flushing?

DH and I are going to be at our own home for Christmas Day for the first time ever! My step-daughter is also going to be with us for the first time, and she is not a huge fan of the traditional Christmas roast or turkey type feast. I could easily make something else, but we were thinking it might be fun to experience “Christmastime for the Jews” and head out to get some Chinese food, either in Manhattan or Flushing. Hit me with your best suggestions! It looks like pretty much everything will be open, but it might be insanely busy in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Flushing is closer for us anyway, so suggestions there would be appreciated too. Thanks, HOs!

We decided on Flushing to avoid the crowds in Manhattan Chinatown, not that Flushing was uncrowded by any means! Grabbed a few different kinds of dumplings at Tianjin and a lamb burger from Xi’an in the Golden Mall, then walked over to White Bear for wontons in hot oil and a bag of frozen pork and leek dumplings to go. Fun change of pace and delicious food all around!

Only just saw this but would have said do exactly what you did. A Flushing “crawl” is fab.