Christmas Eve dinner

I’m thinking my lasagna from the freezer with the leftovers for NYE.

Bresse chicken! Would love to hear what you decide, if you care to share the result.

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Nice…report back!

@naf. This was shown today in my google feed:


We were recently at a Michelin 2* place in London. The carte is priced at £115 each for three courses. They offer poulet de Bresse - but at an additional £60 for the two of you. No, we didnt order!


That additional cost was indeed high. I looked at the shop ticket, it is 40€ for around 2.5kg. I feel a bit uneasy to see the feather head still attached.



This is the price of Bresse chicken in Jura.

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Give it a try…you’ll like it…have been doing Chinese for all my life… and then the obligatory food at friends home on Christmas day…so we now have Chinese Christmas eve, and leftovers for dinner Christmas night…all of the good stuff during the day!!!
Merry Christmas “our friends”


This is a two hour prime rib video.; a drool log. Like the “yule log” my mom used to watch.


Do you have the menu or remember the name of the dish? Would like to know how it is cooked or the accompaniments. Thanks.

I’ve a look at some of my cookbooks and magazines, most of recipes I found so far are by George Blanc, cooked with yellow wine from Jura, with morel and foie gras or cream. Would like some inspiration for something more different or modern.

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I remember the Yule Log. :joy: I think we might still have an old VHS tape around the house!

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Can’t link to the menu for some reason but the description is " Roast chicken “de Bresse”, truffle mash, autumn truffle jus".

Restaurant is Claude Bosi at Bibendum .


Don’t waste too much time digging out the tape, they still play it on broadcast television each year. (as the matter of fact my jail-broken Firestick actually has a yule log channel where you can pick your favorite fireplace out of about a dozen and watch it anytime you like!)

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Even if I find the Yule Log tape, I’m not sure I could find our VCR (probably history). I did find this collection of silly Yule Log videos online. We’ll amuse ourselves with these while we enjoy Christmas Eve dessert.

Happy Holidays!


Now Boston

Better late, than never!

Christmas eve menu:
Roasted scallops, carrot, clementine, tonka and wasabi (Cyril Lignac)

Corolla of haddock, tuna tartare, red beet syrup (Pierre Gagnaire)

Roasted duck breast with ginger, hazelnuts and parsley coulis (Antonie Westermann)

Savarin soaked in rum, blood orange and (Thai or whatever I can find) grapefruit (Pierre Gagnaire)


Sounds extraordinary Naf.

Joyesus Fëtes …

Thank you!! Joyeux fêtes de fin d’année !!

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For the Bresse chicken for the Christmas Day, we voted among ourselves between the 2 following recipes:

The Bresse chicken like “G7” by Georges Blanc (video here)
with cream, mushroom, garlic, champagne and foie gras

Bresse chicken with lemon butter and rosemary by Mathieu Pacaud (video here)
With a touch of tarragon in the lemon zest butter under the skin and served with celery.

The second recipe wins, we would like a crispy skin and a lighter dish.

I’ve found another recipe uses coffee as spice, which I worry that it will be too overwhelming and masks the taste of chicken. Thanks @Harters for the menu of Claude Bosi. Mr. n can eat truffle, but not a very big fan.


Gumbo! Maybe. Usually I’m just scrambling to wrap packages.

Me neither. Nor Mrs H.

We both find it over-rated (as we do lobster, by the way)

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