Christmas Eve dinner near White Plains - WWYD?

As opera singers, DH and I almost always have a Christmas Eve gig somewhere, so cooking dinner is typically out of the question. We always try to have a nice dinner out instead, typically near our gig. This year we’re singing in White Plains, and we were hoping to go to O Mandarin for a Chinese feast beforehand, but they don’t take reservations for tables of two and it sounds like they will be too busy to accommodate walk-ins. Bummer! What are some of your other best suggestions? Doesn’t have to be Chinese, and doesn’t have to be IN White Plains - anywhere between Yonkers and White Plains is fine. I made a reservation at Cookery but would love other suggestions. Thanks HOs!

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I have no intel although my brother lives in Mamaroneck and we’re there usually for holidays, except for this year. But whenever we have gotten outside food, it’s been pizza since there are 3 kids age 5 and under. We actually ate out once last year, at Frankie and Fanelli’s which was a nice experience. (My brother is a curmudgeon and doesn’t like to eat out with his kids.)

But mostly, I wanted to say @biondanonima - opera singer(s)? I probably missed that in some earlier posts of yours. That is so awesome.

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The Cookery sounds great to me, but you might want to check Le Provencal in Mamaroneck. We enjoyed it when we were there - a bit fancier than Cookery, but I am not sure they are open.

We always found Asian restaurants of various stripes to be useful for a meal at Xmas — not just Chinese (tho Central Seafood and Aberdeen are good choices) — but also Indian (Raasa is our current favorite) or other nationalities that are not primarily Christian.

I looked at Central Seafood and Aberdeen but it appeared they weren’t taking reservations, and we can’t take the chance on waiting since we have to get to our gig in time. We do like Raasa, though - very good thought!

Hard to believe Central Seafood would be a problem — they’re pretty big. If Raasa works, tho, you’d be fine. Whichever you do, enjoy!,

We had a truly dismal meal at the Cookery last May. Will absolutely never go back there. If you like Indian food, one of the best Westchester meals we had this year was at Chutney Masala. I have no idea whether they take reservations, however.

Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that! We have never had a bad bite there.

We actually ended up keeping our Cookery reservation and had a delicious meal. Tender grilled octopus, the buttery salty potatoes and the bone marrow pasta were highlights. The loud music with thumping bass was a real negative, though, and will likely keep us from hurrying back any time soon. I don’t recall it being loud on our last visit but we went at lunch, not dinner.

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It can be loud there, but the bone marrow pasta is totally worth it!

Thanks for reporting back. The potatoes and bone marrow pasta are two of my favorites. I agree the dining room is excessively loud which has kept me from going back depending on my mood (and whether I actually want to hear my husband talking!). Also the interior is badly worn and in need of a little refreshing-- they’re really going hard on the shabby chic look.

And one question comes to mind - is he spreading himself too thin? Although I think he gave up the Pub.