Christmas Eve / Day in Montreal?

I’ve somehow just managed to talk my way out of Christmas in Orange County with the in-laws this year and convinced my wife to fly home for a week, so I better scrape together some solid Xmas plans far in advance if I ever hope to get away with this sort of thing again! :smile:

Can anyone tell me about the fanciest and most holiday-spirited dining rooms or venues that are open on Xmas day and night? No Jewish Xmas in Chinatown this year… I need something special!

Thanks amigos

I’m thinking hotels… is XO in the St-James any good for lunch or dinner?

I think you have three choices:

  1. Europea
  2. Toqué
    3.La Maison Boulud

These are probably the top “lets have an experience and spend money who’s counting anyways” in Montreal. Unsure if they are open on xmas however.

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Thanks. I’d assume Boulud would definitely be open, given the address. I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet.

What about L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel?

Has anyone any recent experience or feedback to offer?

I’d also assume that this restaurant would be open, given the hotel address. It certainly ticks off the box for atmosphere- particularly if we luck onto a snowy white Xmas.

Is everything opened as usual on the 24th, the night before?

I’d like to make reservations at either Toqué or Le Club Chasse et Pêche on the 24th (hopefully both will be open) and possibly L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel or Boulud for dinner on the 25th. We’ll be up in the Laurentians for an entire week, through New Year, after that.

I’d also like to try and swing by Le Vin Papillon for wine, cheese and snacks the night before Xmas; and maybe squeeze in an afternoon tea and champagne in The Palm Court at The Ritz on Xmas day; somewhere between breakfast in bed and christmas cartoons, toboggan/tube run at Beaver Lake, Ogilvy’s holiday window display, and ice skating at the Bonsecours Basin outdoor rink in the Old Port!

Funny how 5 years in California suddenly makes Montreal winters seem romantic and exotic, ha!

I’ve heard good things from L’auberge saint-gabriel but I never went.

I’m not informed on how opened restaurants are on the 24. I’d expect the Joe Beef group (Vin Papillon, Liverpool House & Joe Beef) to be close for the christmas vacations. Alternatives might be Loic (ïc-montréal ), Pullman (éal-3 ), Larry (éal ) or le rouge gorge (éal )

Hope you have a great time!

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