Christie's Seafood Houston

Since I recently retired I qualify to eat at blue hair restaurants. I’ve been eating there over 40 years and it’s been a few but I wanted to check on the legendary fried shrimp.

I got there around three in the afternoon to an empty place except for two others.

The plan was to eat the 5 shrimp lunch special but chickened out and got the fried oysters. They tasted fine but the batter wasn’t sticking to the oysters like the ones I got at MY HEB a few years ago which turned out to be pasteurized.

So I also ordered a couple of a la carte shrimp at a buck ninety each and they haven’t changed in years, simply delicious.

I’m sticking with shrimp next time.


Since I recently retired (lol, nod to Ostiones up there :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up:), I’ve been going to Christie’s Seafood & Steaks pretty regularly. The food is outstanding even if the decor needs updating and the neighborhood is sketch. I’ll be going next week again for a belated birthday lunch with siblings. Strangely, I haven’t ever had the “Famous Gulf of Mexico Fried Shrimp” but you can get them - as well as the stuffed crab and other things - a la carte so maybe I’ll do that this time. I love their fish options, you choose what cooking method you want. I like pan broiled with olive oil, lemon and oregano (Greek Style). The raInbow trout is delish. Entrees come with dinner salad, rolls and a side. The sides are huge. Check out the scalloped potatoes below. They have a whole flounder. The servers have worked there a long time and are super friendly and knowledgeable. At 106 years old, it’s Houston’s oldest restaurant. The Christie family that still owns and operates the restaurant includes the local radio personality Roula Christie.


haven’t been in maybe 10-12 years? before that it was back in the 70s when there were locations on S. Main and Bellaire. Always good memories. The Westheimer location decor was dated even then, I think.

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