I notice there is some cross-over in members between Hungry Onion and Chowhound.

I gave up posting on Chowhound last year because of some strange technical problem in which I could post replies to other people’s comments, but I could not actually post and start a new topic. Other people seemed to have had the same problem. There was also no way to directly contact admins on Chowhound about it.

Just curious, did anyone here have the same problem?

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We all had several big problems with that wretched site that’s why we left! Check out some threads on Site Talk.


CH is dead to me.

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Many of the original Hungry Onion members are migrants from Chowhound (4 years ago) when Chowhound had a major redesign. As for your recent problem on Chowhound, I cannot say as I no longer visit the site. Good luck.

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I still visit CH at times, but tend to post on my old threads when it’s not overly discouraged. ( “It’s been x years… start something new…”)

Thanks. I checked Kaleo’s thread under ‘How many emigres from CH’, but nobody mentioned that specific technical problem. I guess I was just kind of curious whether CH had fixed it.

I noticed some of the overlapping members were still posting on both sites as recent as a year or so ago (I haven’t even visited CH for about a year).

Ignore it if you like - it’s just generated by their system. You tend to create reference threads and adding to them makes sense.

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I seem to remember something about a new sign -in procedure about that time. They had sent emails with a link to facilitate it iirc. Many folks. myself included, had obsolete emails associated with their CH account and never saw the info. Sorry - I don’t remember much more. I was part of the mass exodus that came here when HO began. I rarely look at or post on CH these days so I’m not up to date on their technical issues. You could always create a new account and then post your query on “Site Talk” or whatever it is called now. That board takes some digging to find - they buried it back when so many of us were crying “foul”.

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There was that mass exodus in 2015 - HO became our new home (and some others went to an L.A.-based site, the name of which I cannot remember).

I posted once after I left back in June of this year - I can’t remember what the thread was about - celebrating CH’s 22 years or something like that? My post was removed, and Pat Sullivan Emailed me , “welcoming me back”, [NOTE: I wasn’t back!] but I wasn’t allowed to bad-mouth anyone - including someone no longer there (I think I referred to Georges Hadda, who was responsible for the huge change in 2015, in not-so-pleasant words). So my post was removed.

We went back and forth in Email a couple times, and I told him "As I’ve said to others who left CH, leaving CH, while it was painful and disheartening at the time, is like moving out of that REALLY great, large, low-rent apartment with great views of the city specifically because you have a neighbor who stomps on the floor in the middle of the night while having fights with his girlfriend and plays the drums and smokes incessantly when he’s not fighting with his girlfriend. You think “WHY am I putting up with this?” Once you get off your butt and look elsewhere, you find a great new place to live that doesn’t have smokers, drummers, and fighting couples.

I’m cool where I am now."

He responded with an incredibly condescending remark about HO, and my final response was “Chowhound was good while it lasted. RIP, Chowhound. 2015.”

It’s that kind of attitude in how the 2015 CH admins treated their users and thinking the redesign was a good thing (even though they lost a lot of prolific content providers) along with the horrible redesign that I left. So I’m honestly NOT surprised that technical difficulties still abound, and there’s no way to reach out to them to help fix them. Those who managed CH before Haddad worked WITH their users to make it a better place. Now they think they know better.

Oh - BTW, Pat Sullivan still reads here on HO. So he’ll see this thread, if he’s not read it already. LOL


What I’ve learned about groups of many kinds is that they morph. Members at any given time give it its essence. Powers that be create ambiance that either fosters those members or not. Members drift away and create or find new groups. And the old group picks up. new members that are, at least for a time, compatible with the aims and goals. And the cycle goes on.

Always is a lie…

And some as recently as this week, like me.

Food Talk Central. I’m over there as well. The same Food Media stuff gets posted both here and there, which drives me nuts (not that there’s anything I can do about it except experience constant deja vu).

That’s not a problem at the moment, as far as I know. But there have been plenty of tech issues, some very temporary, others less so. Not that it was EVER entirely smooth sailing over there, even prior to 2015.


Hello, I have never had the problem you describe. I visit Chowhound daily and never had a problem with its content, design, moderation or technology. I know, I’m a unicorn. I come here as well, but there is practically zero NYC content here, which is one of my main interests.

On behalf of the 95%+ people that aren’t
in NYC, we salute you.
Like M&3, I got locked out because of the password reset.
I don’t care. This place is fun, not work.
And that’s the whole point.


Sadly, there isn’t much NYC content there either anymore, aside from new/occasional posters asking for restaurant recommendations (and rarely reporting back).

If you can point me to a board that has more NYC content than Chowhound at this moment, I will get over there right quick. The most recent NYC post here is from 9/3. Chowhound’s NYC board may not be as active as it once was, but it’s still the most active one I know of.

Not sure why you took those as fighting words, I was just stating my experience.

There isn’t NYC “content” in the way it used to exist on CH way back when: conversational back & forth on restaurants, recommendations, and so on.

There are people asking questions, and fewer and fewer people responding (because - why? most random people asking the questions never circle back, they don’t become part of the “community”) and more responses that redirect to other lists.

When I found HO (and FTC) a couple of years ago, it was because I was wondering where the people who contributed to CH content had gone. (And while I didn’t find the NYC content, I did find more of that sense of community.)

My own conclusion was that that type of content doesn’t really exist anywhere anymore - that I can find anyway. It has been replaced by a glut of commercial online restaurant information- yelp, eater, infatuation, etc. The information availability itself replaced some of the “finding” and local recs that used to happen on CH - but none of the back & forth personal exchange that made it what it was.

As an aside, I was just trying to see what the last CH thread was that had the type of NYC restaurant discussion I miss, but instead I got this:


I didn’t.

So was I. Yes, Chowhound isn’t what it once was. But this site isn’t what Chowhound once was, either. I find things of value both here and there, and I’m not sure why people still feel the need to continue mourning something that happened…it’s five years ago, now, right?


Assume you didn’t mean me - I’m still on CH.

I don’t think it’s trying to be.

To each their own. I was absent during the period of “turmoil” - others were not and were more personally affected. It’s like any memories - family, school, college, pick something - they are strongly positive for some, strongly negative for others, and others manage to get by without being much affected.


I do not see these as mutually exclusive, but whatever.

Ok, this is going nowhere, so let’s stop.