Chowhound purge?

I tried to log into Chowhound to look for a review I posted and it’s not recognizing my password. I can’t find the review on a general search either. Have they purged the archives? It was a great review.

I recognize you in person in case you need validation. :grinning:


I’d be happy to try to find it for you - I’ve been successful in all of my own searches. Just tell me what to look for, and what your user name is on Chowhound.

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I found a review I posted in 2005 (missing quite a bit of punctuation but otherwise intact) so they have not purged the archives completely anyway. Hopefully you can find yours!

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Thank you! Smalls! Same name as I recall, and it was a review of St.John Bread and Wine in London. I was watching a very old Chef’s Tour episode last night in which Bourdain interviews Fergus Henderson and I wanted to see what I ordered at one of his restaurants. They both looked so young.


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Wow, that was quick? Did you search on phone or computer?

Laptop. Searched for the restaurant name, narrowed search by user name, figured out that user name was case sensitive, bam.

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Ah, case sensitive explains everything! Thank you!!

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You’re welcome!

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Often you can google old posts faster than the chow hound search function.