Chowhound posts gone

I don’t know who else missed this, but chowhound is gone. I went there to try and look for a picture I posted once of some delicious fish here in Houston and found this:

Here’s the splain:

has a lot of stuff, but not all.

not exactly searchable-with-ease, but it’s one source.


The good news is that most folks got a heads up that the site was going under, and Chowhound allowed some additional time for folks to save their posts and even use the wayback machine (aka the internet archives) to save huge portions of the site. So it is not certain that all is lost. I was able to save many threads I started and some of my favorite threads in General Topics, Not About Food, etc.

My limited use of the internet archives has been only somewhat successful, so maybe somebody out there is better at searching it.

Good luck!

There was quite a bit about it here on HO. Many new posters, including some who had been here when HO started but gone back to posting on CH, apparently. Many threads dealt with it. For a time, HO was getting about twice as many posts per day as eGullet, I think, but it has died down and a few longtime HOs left.

Several new boards have been created, as you can see across the top of the page, but we only got one new poster in Texas that I know of, @Vecchiouomo, formerly of Houston but in Austin for a few decades; you’ve interacted with him already.

I don’t know how you missed it unless you only read the Texas board.

I do believe you missed it girl. It’s been awhile.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Very sad to lose all that information collected over the years. I was one of those old Chowhounds who scrambled to save as many of my posts as possible, after being given notice that the site was to be shut down. But it was virtually impossible to save everything from the more than 1,300 posts I made over two decades.


That’s a good way to put it. You CAN find posts there - but your search parameters often have to be very tight, OR you have to go through several CH levels of boards to find the specifics. AND be patient with the Wayback Machine’s page loads as you try and filter to what you’re looking for. I’ve found that that can take awhile, even on my desktop at work.

Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

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I saw nothing! :laughing:

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