Chowder Clams in SF?

Anyone know where I can the larger chowder clams in San Francisco? Sun Fat often has bigger sized cherrystones but not chowders. Thanks.

Might not be the most cost efficient but have you tried Swan Oyster Depot?

They had big cherrystones at Sun Fat in a tank on 12/24/15. I went with Manila clams for a Cioppino type dish, but I think the cherrystones were 2-2.5" across and the guy said they would be good for chowder.

I have seen them (5 inch guys) on ice at the May Wah on Clement Street. They always have smaller clams in tanks.

If you really need the big ones, I’d call first.

Chowder clams back East are called quohogs. Bigger, sometimes much so, than cherrystones, and thus not suitable for anything but chowder (and stuffies!). Never seen em out here.

Exactly, I want them to make baked stuffed clams. Back East they are cheaper than cherrystones/little necks/top necks and easier to process when you’re trying to get a bunch of clam meat.

I’ll have to check out New May Wah per Pilgrim’s sighting.

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Market stall in Lima
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