Chotto Matte [Toronto]

Has anyone tried their Toronto location? How does it compare to other Nikkei places in town like Mira? Thanks in advance.

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We have been to Chotto Matte last year, which you can read about here. Overall we thought it was quite enjoyable, if a bit steeply priced. We have not tried their other locations.

We have been to Mira twice, the last time early in the pandemic. We also enjoyed it (enough to go again), though we can’t compare much as we tended to stick with the more Peruvian dishes. The giant chocolate ball dessert was particularly fun, but I think it has disappeared from the menu.


I’m travelling right now, so don’t have my detailed notes handy, but my meal there was really poor.
My biggest issue was the order the dishes were served - the dish I thought would be served first, came out last. The kitchen appeared to me to prepare meals in batches, that were sent out together giving erratic pacing - some dishes arrived almost simultaneously with long waits for others.
As for the food - very pretty, but bland.
I ‘think I recall’ that the crab dish I ordered did not have any crab texture at all - I suspected ‘crab flavoured fish substitute’. Even if that isn’t correct (I’ll check when I return) it was still a poor meal overall. It appeared to me that their main clientele preferred exotic cocktails - I prefer wine and that list wasn’t memorable.


Now back with access to my notes and my recollection was pretty close. My overall assessment was " Service excellent; kitchen less so". Indeed the so-called crab dish (Croqueta) had no evidence of crab texture or flavour - resembled a ‘jello’ texture - and was pink.
My favourite dish was the ‘Rocoto Cauliflower Wings’ with a Peruvian chile Dressing. However I also noted the ‘lack of spicing’ on the Spicy Tuna Sashimi.


We quite liked this one too.