[Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester] Chapati Cafe

No doubt they base themselves on the Northern Quarter’s curry cafes but this is “rice and three” for the leafy suburbs. They open from lunch till early evening serving a standard five curries a day (different ones each day), supplemented by the odd special or two. It’s pick three from the five, along with rice/chapatti, a dab of chutney and a small handful of salad. It’s served up on a metal thali tray of the type you see men eating from in prison movies, rather than just being all plonked on your plate. Oh, yes, and another difference for the leafy suburbs – the place looks clean, including the bogs. .

So, between the two of us, we ate a split pea dahl, mansoor, a lovely aubergine curry with tomatoes, a potato one, fragrant with mustard seeds and curry leaves and the day’s special a “spicy lamb” which was, erm, spicy. Priced at around a fiver, it’s hard to think of many other lunches in the area that are this much of a bargain.

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