Chonthicha Seafood on Koh Kood, Thailand

Visited this bay front restaurant yesterday. Excellent experience. It sits right on the pier and the views are good. I ordered the fish of the day effectively. I asked what kind of fish and the waiter told me exactly what fish it was, in Thai. Just 300 Baht/$9US for a decent sized fish prepared with ginger and lemon and finely sliced prik kee noo chillis since I asked for it Thai style.
Prepared just right, skin peeled off nicely, flesh was nice and fresh. I poured the rice into the lemon and ginger sauce and scooped up fish and rice mix with each forkful. Delicious! If you ever stop by Koh Kood I highly recommend trying this restaurant! Lets see if I can enclose a photo or two…


Excellent! Are you visiting Thailand these days? (Or do you live in Thailand).

Fresh from the water seafood at a pier-side seafood shack can’t be beat.

I have been in Thailand for a couple weeks. I love this country and the food is one of the big reasons. But great beaches help, as well! I spent a week in Chiang Mai and barely scratched the surface when it comes to great food. Bangkok is an even bigger food market. Heading back there tomorrow.

Does anyone have any idea what type of fish that is in the picture above? Red snapper is really popular in Thailand, could this be a white snapper? It doesn’t look right, but I can’t figure out what it was.


Thanks, Peter! I think you are right. I wiki’d Barramundi and it came back with the second Para in the “As Food” section being Thai Aquaculture, so it is a popular fish here. It is also called Asian Sea Bass and I think I have seen that name in the past in Hua Hin’s night market. Average size is 0.6 meters so this may be a relatively young sample of the species. I have to admit that I didn’t think I was ordering a farm raised fish when I ordered it, given the restaurants location, but it was a good meal.


The problem with modern technology!

Farm raised fish is so prevalent these days. I guess there are too many of us and we ate them all in the sea…


Farm raised fish is a good idea in theory. Take the fishing pressure off the sea and all that, but it seems like the fish/shrimp are usually raised in fairly polluted water, or so it seems. I really don’t like the idea of eating farm raised salmon, for example. They are so different from wild salmon that the fish sellers actually die the farm raised salmon to make it more pink/orange to look like wild salmon.