Chocolate for holiday baking

A good deal if you can use up 10 lbs of chocolate!! I do quite a lot of baking for students, family and friends so in the long run I can use up the 10 lbs. And it does keep well. I chop / break it into large chunks and keep it in an airtight container in the pantry, never had it bloom or go off. The reason I am willing to buy 10 lbs is that even with a hefty shipping charge it is less than $5 per pound (it is sold elsewhere online in one lb bags for $12.95 a lb - that’s a big difference). I use it for cakes, cookies, dipping, ganache etc etc. If you like the very high cocoa content chocolates, this might not be for you but it is my fav for baking. (ps I bought it from Stover & co online).
Happy Holiday Baking!

Nice! I generally buy Pound Plus bars from Trader Joe’s for this purpose - they are widely rumored to be repackaged Callebaut and at $5 for 500g, they are a steal. What % cacao is this bar?

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49%. I have used the callebaut and like it but I do like Peter’s better, sorry I can’t just throw you a piece to try:). Nice to know about TJ’s tho I don’t have one nearby.

I wish! 49% is actually too low for my needs, though - I prefer 70% for most baking and candy making purposes. Do they make anything darker?

If you can get access to Restaurant Depot, I just bought the 11# Callebaut Dark block there for about $40. That’s under $4 per pound. Here’s the Amazon listing:

I have a membership so I’ll have to check next time I go. That is a great price!

I buy them also.