Chocolate Cake a la Claud's?

Wondering if anyone has recommendations for where I can order an exceptional chocolate birthday cake for my son’s big birthday party. Definitely his favorite cake in the city that we’ve had is Claud’s. I’m pretty sure they will not make an extra for take out, though I am working up the courage to call. Not looking for one of those dense flourless cakes, but rather a real devil’s food (?) kind of cake.

Thanks for any advice you have!

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They might. The worst they can say is no.

However, maybe try They do delivery and have a Devil in Ganache, that is their version of a Devil’s Food Cake.

+1 for asking Claud.

I looked at Harb’s, but their chocolate cake doesn’t look anything like what you’re looking for.

Two Little Red Hens should pass muster. Or Buttercup Bake Shop. Epices on w 70 Is small enough that they would customize a cake for you.

If you can believe it, we used to custom order Whole Foods’ chocolate ganache cake every year for a friend’s birthday — it was really delicious. If you talk to the bakery (they’ll transfer you directly to the bakery, you might be able to convince them to do more layers — worth a shot.

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Check your local Whole Foods.

Wegmans has a baked in-house chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing.

Dont know where you need the cake but I believe Ladybirds in Park Slope (formerly Two Little Red Hens) is the go to in Brooklyn for a fine celebration cake. Classic, dont skimp on ingredients and the decorations, if you choose to have them, are tasteful (better than they look on the website).

PS - I saw this looking for an idea of what the Claud’s cake is like - looks like quite a production!

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Thanks to you all!!! Yes, Claud’s cake is a production! I will call and ask them and report back. Whole Foods sounds really great, and I have a couple nearby. And I’ve been wanting to try Wegman’s anyway, so maybe I’ll do a little chocolate cake testing. Two Little Red Hens seems still to be MIA (Is Ladybirds the same folks?)…And I don’t think Buttercup so good, but only had a cake from there once?..Epices is a bakery? I remember a little restaurant? Have you tried the Mah Ze Dahr Bakery?

Yes, walk by, it’s tiny. There’s always been a french bakery there — used to be called something else.

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I dont know if Ladybird is the same folks but Little Red Hens was always the class bakery in Park Slope - Ladybird took over the space and is similar so I suspeact there is a lineage/historic connection there.
There are too few bakeries that make American style cakes without cutting corners, not using butter etc.
I usually bake my own cakes, but this is where I would go (in Brooklyn) if I had to buy one.

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If you want to taste test the cake at Wegmans, you don’t have to buy a whole cake because they also sell it by the slice.

Excellent, thanks! That’s what I was hoping!

Thanks for all of the encouragement around my shyness in asking! Claud will do the cake for me! I am very excited about being able to make this happen!