Chinese Wedding Banquets

While I have eaten at most of the banquet sized restaurants in the Bay Area, the last wedding banquet I attended there was at Gold Mountain. I was wondering what are the top choices for Chinese banquets these days on the San Francisco side of the Bay. Thanks.

One of the better wedding banquets I attended was at Champagne Seafood Restaurant in San Mateo. The food was excellent and I had no complaints. If you consider the East Bay, I’m partial to Pacific Lighthouse. That’s because Eric, the owner, was very accommodating for our red egg and ginger party last year. The food and service were both very good and you can’t beat the view. Easy parking is a bonus too.

Well hate answer a question with a question. What kind of banquet are you looking for a old school Cantonese, newer Hong Kong or Seafood style one? Also there are more Northern style one? Been to a few in my time but not that many recently. Since the passing of the older generation the younger Chinese taste no longer are into Chinese style wedding banquets. Have been to more Western style ones recently. But still remember the old days.

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Nice to hear from you! This show is being run by older family members originally from Hong Kong so their tastes would be controlling. Thanks!

I like Zen Peninsula is a good choice for Hong Kong style, Tai Wu is good for seafood style as for the city proper I have not had a formal dinner there for year. These are my two choices.

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