Chinese restaurants with their own delivery services (SFBA)

What are your favorite Chinese restaurants that do their own delivery, either neighborhood favorites or places with a large delivery radius? If you have their legitimate website and phone number, please let us know that too— predatory delivery sites, which pose as restaurants without their consent, dominate google searches and Eater reports that Yelp sometimes skims off the top when people simply call in takeout orders via yelp, sometimes without consent too.

Obviously restaurants do legitimately partner with delivery sites, e.g., Caviar. By all means support restaurants however you can right now!

I can incorporate contributions into this original post (it’s a wiki), and can make a Google map later on.

San Francisco

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I’ve always been surprised at how few Chinese restaurants deliver around here. If I were in NYC, my doorstep would be littered with delivery menus. My local place in Noe Valley (now closed) delivered. I don’t know of any place in Berkeley that does.

We are trying! My kids are visiting from Turkey and Queens, and we’ve done Boulevard, Boons Farm Cafe, and Bull Valley in the last few days, and plan to do Farmstead in Napa tommorow .

We did regrettably cancel one of our family forays to Yank Sing in the SF FiDi this morning. Does anyone know if there are waits and “crowds” right now?

The Chronicle has a running list of restaurants with delivery. You can filter by Chinese or whatever genre you want, and many places have in-house delivery services:

@ekadvany has a bunch of restaurants open on the peninsula with delivery options

And at Eater: is a delivery only meal service that makes some food in-house and also partners with restaurants. They also have “value combos” which look excellent.

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