Chinese New Year (2018) [Central NJ] HODown?

Anyone up for a HODown Friday, February 16? (Or it could be on the weekend if that’s better.)

I’d suggest Sichuan Cottage, but it is rather smallish. West Lake Plum House or others are larger, but not (IMHO, of course) as good.

Who’s interested and which days/times [Fri/Sat/Sun, lunch/dinner)?

I’d love to, but I’m going to be out of town. In the land of not-very-good Chinese food. SIGH

Just curious, your local Chinese restaurants stay open for Chinese New Year?

Oh yes!

Where is that (so I can avoid it)?


Mrs seal is opening up the store in Red Bank full time in February so if we do get something together it will likely be just me. What I really want to try is a New Year’s banquet.

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You can’t get a good slice, bagel or plate of Chinese food in that entire state lol. They do have some good seafood and steak places though

Who does a worthwhile banquet?

There are good bagels around West Palm - I’ve had them.

@seal, @BossaNova, Many years ago, Mr. RBI and I attended a banquet meal at Sunny Palace, on Route 18, in East Brunswick. From what I recall, the food was pretty good. But I’m definitely not a maven re: Chinese food and, in all honesty, rarely eat it these days.

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Given the lack of response for a HODown for Chinese New Year, I am not doing anything further on this. If someone else is interested enough to organize something, Mark and I would probably be interested (depending on location/date/time, obviously).

Sunny Palace, is doing a New Years menu but it has not been posted yet.
The restaurant had gotten good reviews until recently, this is as per yelp

Evelyn, if you’re still interested, I bet we can pull together a few more couples.

I missed this when it was posted but I am always interested in going out for Chinese food! Perhaps a round of hot pot and/or charcoal BBQ in Edison while the weather is still cold(ish). :slight_smile:

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A bit late for a Chinese New Year HO Down, though. :frowning:

Is it EVER too late? I don’t think so… :grin:

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Yes! Count us in

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