Chinese near Nutley?

Any suggestions of good restaurants somewhere near Nutley? I work up there, need place for dinner with some workmates, before heading for home down in Marlboro…

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The best place I can recommend is actually west of there… It’s called Chengdu 23 and it’s in the west belt mall (the mini mall behind Willowbrook). Authentic and excellent!

It’s been about 10 years but I used to like Thai Essence in Nutley.

Hunan Taste Montclair

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I was going to say Chengdu 46 as it was a little closer but I see they closed. Given we’ve not been in many years but this makes me sad.

Good call! I forgot that Hunan Taste opened in Montclair (and it’s off of Valley Rd with parking, which is KEY); that would certainly be closer to Nutley. I’ve been going to the HT location in Denville for decades. Always great, even if it’s not my beloved Szechuan (which Chengdu 23 is) - never greasy, always fresh, and everyone is always happy there.