Chinese meal delivery services

Nextdish, a South Bay based Chinese meal delivery service, makes dishes in their commercial kitchen (lots of Shanghainese stuff), and also distributes dishes from local restaurants like Jenny’s Kitchen and Saigon Seafood Harbor.

It appears they have expanded their coverage all the way up the Peninsula, and in the East Bay, as far north as Hayward and Alamo (sorry, Oakland/Berkeley). Where I’m typing in the Tri-Valley region, the offerings look way better than any restaurant that delivers but, at present, menu options in San Francisco are rather limited. They advertise “healthy cooking, less salt, less oil, no MSG” and, as April Chan discussed in her article, How Chinese restaurants are shut out of the organic food movement, owner Allen Shi says a number of ingredients are organic or sustainable.

I also learned, via a Facebook ad, of a delivery service with some options in SF— MyShef has mostly noodles and dumplings, delivered refrigerated. The prices seem lower relative to restaurants serving the same dishes [Indian options look very good too].

Anyone tried these services, what do you like?


I just read this article about Weee, an Asian grocery delivery service operating out of Fremont. I downloaded the app and they deliver to my address in Oakland 7 days a week. They do have some things fairly difficult to track down, like fresh mangosteen, currently $17.99/lb and plenty of dry goods.
It also includes a restaurant section, with selections from Jenny’s Kitchen, Taste Good Beijing, The Three Sheep and others.


Funny timing on my post given that article!

Damn you,, now I’m never gonna leave the house. I had no idea Weee had transformed into such a useful product! They deliver a bunch of South Bay restaurant items to SF, which is wild. I love their grocery items have reviews, which looks particularly useful for seasonal greens.

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