Chinese in San Jose tomorrow

I have the opportunity to eat lunch in San Jose tomorrow. I almost never make it down there, so I am excited to try something interesting and delicious. I see on the Chinese food map that there are tons of places in San Jose and Santa Clara I could go for all varieties of Chinese food. But I’m hoping folks have suggestions or could point me to their absolute favorite places specifically if it’s for things that are harder to get in Oakland and East bay. Any recent favorites? Probably looking more for quick/casual, as opposed to high end


ISome ideas;

If there are more than just you, you can try to preorder the duck meal at Kumino China two hours in advance. thats Cupertino though. Haven’t tried. You can also order individually. He’a more fusion than just Chinese.

Din Tai Fung for xlb.

Get some tofu to cook at home from Sogo

Chef Z’s for Yunnan.

There are tons more out there around Sichuan, Hunan, but I haven’t been. If there’s something specific you want to try, Hyperbowler’s Chinese map should help.

QQ Noodles for noodles.

Those above are pretty decent, though nothing earth shattering.

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It’s now the Hunan focused ( with Peking duck) Xiang Xiang Home Cuisine 2 (first is in Milpitas)

(Yelp page overlaps current format, still on soft opening it seems, with old format so be careful reading reviews)

If you end up at Din Tai Fung (in the Valley Fair Mall), go as early as you possibly can. It gets a crowd even on weekdays.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I had thought I’d be eating in San Jose but it turned out it was better for us to eat in Fremont. First tried going to Bing’s but it was closed (not sure why). So then headed to Full House Dumpling. It was busy but we got a table right away at 12:30 pm.

Xiao long bao were solid. I liked them. Not the best I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst. I really enjoyed the steamed fish dumplings, which had a slightly thicker skin and a solid interior. Filling had cilantro and celery I think, which was nice. Different than anything I’ve really had before. Scallion beef pancake was good but maybe a tad dry. Cabbage with preserved pork was soggier than I would have wanted, but not bad. But would be better if it were dryer with more wok char

Prices very reasonable and service was fast and efficient.

After lunch we went to the relatively new Piano Tea House. Good quality bubble tea, freshly made. Plus a piano that you can play while you wait (or listen to if someone else is playing)


Huh, apparently Bing’s started to closing on Tues/Wed since April. Very good to know.

Full House Dumpling is run or chef’d by people from Milpitas’s defunct My Dumpling, which I liked quite a bit. Glad to see they’ve continued to with a good product—-those fish dumplings sound great!

I was in Fremont again the other day (on a Monday this time) so I checked out Bing’s. Just had the wonton with chili oil and the zha ziang mian. Both were good. The noodles had a firm bite, as did the wontons. I am going back in a few weeks to try more.

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