Chinese Food… Specifically Lemon Chicken!

Another home run so wanted to share…

Since the local Chinese place here closed I’ve been doing my own Chinese at home. Two of my favs are Sweet & Pungent Shrimp and Chicken Salad (which are both my recreations from Panda Inn dishes).

I have also really enjoyed Souped Up Recipes for things like Soups, Kung Pao, General Tso’s, and Orange Chicken, etc., but her Lemon Chicken recipe didn’t wow me… at least not like the Panda Inn’s or Liu’s at the Beverly Wilshire… so I set out to find something that did.

Made this last night and OMG! Note that the full recipe in the YouTube description is behind a paywall, so just pay attention to the video as it is all you’ll really need. The main thing here is his prepping and double frying of the chicken. The only things I changed up were:

1.) I used a Microplane for the zest as I don’t possess his knife skills (and I like my fingers).

2.) Didn’t have (or know of) custard powder, so just used corn starch with a dash of vanilla extract and caster sugar.

Cook and texture of the chicken was amazing, as was the sauce. Yum!