Chinatown Night Market

This looks like an interesting outdoor festival, tomorrow (Friday, May 20), 8-11 PM:

Participating vendors are from well beyond Manhattan’s Chinatown, including a small group of Indonesian home cooks from Elmhurst. I’m currently dealing with a bit of a foot injury, so I don’t know if I’ll make it. If any of you go, please report back.


As per the description in the link, the Indonesians are offering klepon - very hard to find in New York: mochi-like little spheres filled with molten palm sugar, and covered with grated coconut - for those of you going there, grab those if you can!


That looks delicious.

Dammit. I have work to do. And it looks like rain!

Tickets have been sold out for a while

I don’t see anything on the site about tickets. And it’s postponed due to rain anyway.

ETA: Oh, I see it now. Tickets are free.

yes, free but were limited to prevent crowding.

I approve of this. Unless it’s me that doesn’t get a ticket.

It was indeed rained out. No rain date set yet, and they advise looking for updates on their website, which I linked in the post that started the thread.

I was assuming that it might have been possible to show up even without a ticket, but that could have been incorrect. Anyway, whenever it’s postponed to might be after the nagging injury that would have prevented me from going tonight has been dealt with.

I followed them on Instagram. Let the updates come to me.

Forsyth Plaza is a constricted and relatively small space for the number of likely attendees at the night market (when it is finally held once again, weather permitting). Although RSVPs are free, the organizers require them to help control the size of the crowd. I believe I also saw a statement, from the organizers, asking that people show respect to the community and not simply “show up.”

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Another likely event at which to find klepon is at the monthly Indonesian Food Bazaar at the St. James Parish Hall in Elmhurst, Queens. Taste of Surabaya and Dapur the Tios, who IIRC were slated to appear at the Chinatown Night Market, are regular participants in Elmhurst; lately the bazaar has hosted seven or eight Indonesian vendors, all told. Better still, when the weather is poor, the parish hall provides shelter; when it’s nice, the steps, lawns, and (a few) tables outside the hall and church are open to ad hoc picnics, too.


Is that the curvy part of Forsyth St. that’s between Division and Canal? Yeah, that is a fairly small space.