Chinatown, Boston: anything else that's new-ish?

Since these days I’m a weekend warrior in Boston, I don’t get a lot of chances to go to Chinatown and when I do, I tend to stick to the old reliables (Windsor Dim Sum, Taiwan Cafe, China King, Great Taste). But! Since I happily get Good Friday off as a paid holiday, my goal is to head down there Friday and try out some spots I haven’t managed to get to yet. Presently that means Double Chin, Hot Eastern, New Dong Khanh and maybe Claypot Cafe. I tend to think I’ll be down there too early to go to the new incarnation of Best Little Restaurant, but that might figure as well. I might also test out Crave Mad For Chicken on the fringe if I can work that in.

You’d think that’d be plenty (and it is) but I thought I’d ask: is there anything else down that way that has come on board in the last few years that I should consider ? I promise to report back if you’ve got anything else!

My Chinese AirBNB guests, well three groups of them, have LOVED the Claypot Cafe. They were really effusive about how much it tasted like home. I have the menu up on my fridge, but haven’t made it there yet.

OK, sold. I know they open early, so this might be my first stop. Will let you know.

I’ve been to Claypot Cafe and enjoyed it. I’d like to go back for some of the weirder items.

Five Spices House has an interesting menu of really good stuff. We’ve been twice with various friends, and everyone liked it.

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My favorite is Five Spices House - everything I’ve had there has been competent, especially the “fried rice with scallion,” as the name belies its completely green appearance, with the rice coated with pureed scallions. The “spicy dry pot” is also good; I like that they offer the option of fresh chicken with bone.

Claypot Cafe is not rave-worthy in my opinion, but it is solid home-style comfort food, with distinctive offerings.

Gourmet China House is also new. The “water spinach with red bean curd paste” and the fish head with diced chili are both excellent.

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ok, I might have to bump New Dong Khanh for Five Spices House. And thanks for the Gourmet CHina House nod, rosulate. I hadn’t even heard of that one.

So maybe my guests were simply homesick.

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Or too polite to say anything negative. That is an annoying quality about Asian folks. :wink:

[Disclaimer: I’m sure most Boston folks know I’m Korean, but I’m adding this disclaimer just in case.]

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True. But three groups? And this restaurant is NOT on my list of Chinatown favorites. Local friends selected, or they did based on where they were from, and then they brought menus back for me. I think. Sometimes, we have some communication obstacles.

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Well, I also have very high standards when it comes to Chinese food. Even my favorites only get something like 6.5-7 out of 10 in my book!

or maybe it is “solid home-style food” as noted - and these people wanted a taste of Mom’s cooking, not a taste of fancy restaurant food. Thus their enjoyment. A home cooked tasting meal when traveling in a foreign land can be powerful.


So that place finally opened? Anything especially interesting about it?