China New Star, Best BBQ Ribs

We went to China New Star on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn for lunch yesterday on the recommendation of a friend.
She said: “Ya gotta try da ribs, The bestest!” In her lilting Brooklynese accent!
She was right, the ribs were the best I ever had in a Chinese restaurant, big, meaty and flavorful!
The egg rolls were unexpectedly fabulous, handmade and much bigger than the tiny egg rolls most places are pushing these days.
Everything coming out of the kitchen looked amazing an the portions were plentiful. I would have loved to order 6 dishes but there were only 2 of us.
We had hot and sour soup, egg rolls, shrimp with lobster sauce and Singapore Chow Mei Fon. For dessert the waiter brought out some tasty pistachio/cherry ice cream.
I’ve gotta organize a group trip for dinner soon.