China Live Sets ""Opening Date"

Call me skeptical, but I don’t think “optimistic that it will arrive in January, just in time for the Chinese New Year.” equates to “setting an opening date,” Mr. PR man. (CNY is January 28, by the way.)

It’s nice to have some more details about the project, though there is no mention of the promised individual food stalls featuring regional Chinese specialties, the feature that excited me the most. .

China Live, the Massive, Multi-Level Chinatown Project, Sets Opening Date

I’m glad to see some news about this! According to another article, “the project was delayed due to labor scarcity and a slowdown in the process of producing the space’s custom furniture, which is made from reclaimed northern elm. The project also necessitated the importation of hundreds of specialty ingredients from China.”

I hope those speciality ingredients don’t spoil by the time this opens.

Maybe you’ll find your sought-for vinegar there.

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Any idea who George Chen is?

Wondering if more upscale restaurants moving in (Mister Jiu, now this) will gentrify Chinatown?

Unless they add levels of parking to the Portsmouth Square garage or gold-plate the Embarcadero Center parking shuttle (the 燕翅鲍 set demands parking), I think further development will be mostly tourism-driven. On the other hand, we may see some rezoning on Grant Avenue to allow office uses, with techies moving in an creating a new market, as might new housing where permissible. I’d call that “Missionization” more than gentrification.

Isn’t Missionization a form of gentrification though?

“A form of,” yes, but with a ariger cultural disruption component to go with the economic disruption.

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