China Express Freehold

Here’s a rarity these days - a restaurant opening!

So what’s noteworthy about just another americanized Cantonese style hole in the wall besides the timing? To start with, having a big kitchen/small front of house restaurant specializing in delivery makes good business sense right now. Second, and much more important, I was pleasantly surprised by the food. To start with the unusual:

That’s a nice, nostalgia-inducing pork moo-shu and a square moo-shu wrapper wrapped in plastic wrap! This tells me that they are hand-making their wrappers. I know this because as a lazy guy I have bought my share of premade moo-shu wrappers and they have all been circles.

Next a good and garlicky version of house special chow fun:

I saved the best for last. In recent years I’ve been on a foodie quest to recapture a memory of my college days, boneless spare ribs. I know, I know, Asian Food Market on rt. 79 does a very good bbq roast pork, but this is different. I’m talking neon red tiny pieces of porky goodness blackened with char in a few spots. Not even my favorite local joint, Sicuan Cottage, or the great Cantonese leaning Little Szechuan do them right. But these were almost perfect:

I will be ordering lots more of these. One more nice touch, they have free delivery! In these days of Doordash madness with out of control fees, just being able to leave a nice tip with no fees rocks. Best of luck to you China Express!


good for them, and glad to see you had a good experience.
Im thinking most well thought out new spots we see in the near future will follow same model some with a more robust outdoor areas as well- just makes way more sense these days.


Let me guess: this was today’s breakfast?