Chimney Cone from Garden Creamery, SF Mission - Sat 2-4pm w PICS

Tried out the new ice cream shop in the Mission because of the Chimney Cone everyone on Instagram is getting. For now they only make them Saturdays from 2-4pm!! I hope in the future it’s everyday!

They have lots of dairy and non-dairy ice cream, you can ask for samples before making a selection. I picked Black Sesame dairy, they also have a non-dairy version I didn’t try. With the Chimney Cone you can pick 1 flavor for $8.

I had to wait a few minutes because the chimney cone wasn’t ready, then since it’s still warm they put the ice cream in a cup and the cone on a sleeve.

It’s really good. Crunchy outside and soft and bread-like inside. It’s a Hungarian thing called Kurtos Kalacs.

Well now you got to wait a week like I did, but it’s worth it!

One unisex bathroom and they have a cute ice cream mirror inside there. Credit cards are allowed.

Garden Creamery
3566 20th St & Lexington (in the Mission)

San Francisco, CA 94110